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n nWeight nTwelve percent of all infertility can be linked to weighing too much or too little. Jorge E. Chavarro, “The ideal BMI is between 20 and 22. Women cover samsung s6 alice nel paese delle meraviglie who are overweight or obese (BMI of higher than 25, and samsung hoesjes higher cover best friend iphone 5 than 30, respectively) are at an increased risk for infertility due to anovuation. Even women who are at the higher end of the normal BMI range tend to have a slightly higher risk cover gelato che cola iphone 5c of infertility. On the other hand being too lean can also lead to lack of ovulation and infertility. ”

n nA severely underweight woman (with less than 17 percent body fat) may have irregular ovulation, reducing their odds of conception. This is most common in cover iphone 5s con scritte women who are athletes or have an eating disorder. Maintaining a healthy BMI will help you achieve your optimal fertility.

n nEnvironment nIn recent decades, the number of infertile cover samsung galaxy core prime women has risen dramatically. It’s tempting to chalk this up to more women having children later but custodia cover samsung j5 a US National Survey of Family Growth found cover zve iphone 6 that the rate of “impaired fecundity” (difficulty conceiving or carrying a child to term) rose significantly for cover samsung a3 2017 ciambelle all ages and the biggest rate increase occurred in women under 25 years old. This indicates that environmental causes may be a factor. There are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals used in everyday products they permeate our air, water, food, and homes but most of them are untested. Some of these compounds are known to impair fertility in humans and animals such as perchloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid), phthalates (found in cosmetics, personal care products, and packaging) and BPA (found in plastic bottles, cans, and receipt paper). The impact of our daily exposure to these chemicals is not fully understood but emerging studies suggest a link between environmental toxins and infertility…

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