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Like the iPhone dated design, it probably a good idea for the company to rethink itsdesign approach; it 2017, after all.

There no going about it: the Xperia XZs looks dated. While I don quite mind the angular design of the phone, its custodia iphone 7 8 sizeable top and bottom bezels make the phone taller than it should be. In a market where sleek looking phones like theSamsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6exist, the Xperia XZs looks particularly boring in comparison.

That being said, the Xperia XZs is without a doubt one of the most ergonomically sound smartphones I used. Whilethe phone polycarbonate frame doesn give it a very premium feel, it surprisingly comfortable to hold. Therounded sidesand overall grippiness of the frame definitely help in this regard.

The fingerprint sensor on the side custodia cover samsung j3 of the Xperia XZs is also one of the fastest and accurate sensors I come across. I really like the fact that it doubles as the phone power button too: it intuitive to just press on the power buttonand unlock the devicein one swift gesture.

Water resistance is also one of my favourite features of the Xperia XZs; it really should be a standard cover ultra resistente iphone 6 feature for custodia samsung s4 galaxy any flagship smartphone today. I can be sure that the XZs won suffer from water damage in normal usage. Even better the feeling of being able torinse your phone if it gets dirty or oily is a wonderful thing.

Design isn the Xperia XZs strongest point, that for sure, but it is a sensibly designed phone. It comfortable to hold, it has a fast fingerprint sensor, and best of all, it has a water resistant chassis.

Much like the HTC U Ultra and the LG G6, the Xperia XZs doesn have the best hardware 2017 has to offer.

But for all intents and purposes, the Xperia XZs performs very well.

Sony does a great job when it comes to software, and the Xperia XZs is no different. Compared to my experience with Android 6.0 Marshmallow on its predecessor, Nougat on the XZs is noticeably more pleasant to use; there also a slew of new features.

As it should be with Android smartphones shipping with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, the Xperia XZs comes with Google Assistant. In many ways, it really does work like a digital assistant, albeit with some caveats here and there: it doesn quite get the context of what I asking for 100% of the custodia pelle iphone 5 time. However, it still very capable.

Other new features Nougat brings to the Xperia XZs include the ability to run two apps side by side in Split Screen mode, quickly alternate between two apps by double tapping the recent apps button, as well as general improvement in performance, which does seem to be the case here. I quite happy to find that the YouTube custodia a libro per iphone 8 plus app works flawlessly on the Xperia XZs now; I had some issues with it on the Xperia XZ.

Minimalist is howI would describe the Xperia XZs software experience, which is a very good thing. There are some bloatware here and there, but they samsung galaxy s9 not all that intrusive compared to other manufacturers versions of Android. If you a fan of stock Android, you feel right at custodia iphone moleskine home with the XZs.

Powering the 5.2 inch Xperia XZs is a 2,900mAh battery, and it not verybig for a device this size. That being said, it does provide decent battery life: I can get iphone 7 8 hoesje through a typical day of usage with the XZs. I also got an average of aboutfour hours and 30 minutes of screen on time; that prettygreat battery cover samsung ace 3 silicone life for such a tiny battery.

Fast charging on the Xperia XZs, on the other hand, is underwhelming. With a quick charger, I only managed to get the XZs up to 30% battery life within 30 minutes of charging. Considering the fact that the XZs merely has a 2,900mAh battery, this is not an impressive charging rate.

This is the differentiator between the Xperia XZs and its predecessor, and it supposed to be the XZs main selling point. Equipped with a new 19MP Motion Eye camera, the standout feature of this shooter is its 960fps custodia per cellulare samsung s6 edge video recording, which isincredibly fun to play with.

Although the camera takes a rapid burstfor only0.18 seconds, the slow motion shot itself is stretched out to five seconds long. Naturally, the first thing we did when we got the Xperia XZs was to experiment with its 960fps video recording, and we were pretty impressed with cover samsung galaxy s 8.4 the results.

However, it not a walk in the park to use this feature effectively. While recording in Slow Motion mode, I need to press on the shutter buttonat theexact momentI want to capture in slow motion. Other than that, the video recording can get pretty noisy in less than optimal shooting conditions: the lighting has to be absolutely great for the best results. Also, the 960fps video recording is only limited to720p.

Video recording capability aside, the Xperia XZs camera performance when it comes to still images are an improvement over the Xperia XZ. There no more noticeable stutteringwhen the camera tracking objects with its Predictive Hybrid Autofocus feature, and the camera UI is rather responsive too in all lighting conditions.

However, as is always the case custodia cover huawei p smart for Sony smartphone custodia cover iphone x xs cameras over the past few years, aggressive post processing is still the Xperia XZs main weakness. Images look fine when viewed as a whole, but once you zoom into them, the very same set of images look less flattering. The lack of optical image stabilisation makes it difficult to get blur free shotstoo especially in less than ideal lighting.

As a company which supply camera sensors to manufacturers like Samsung and Apple phone makers that have class leading cameras on their devices it rather disappointing to see this level of camera performancefrom the Xperia XZs. It evident that Sony custodia tablet samsung gt p5200 can produce really good hardware; all it has to do now is refine its software.

At RM2,899, the Xperia XZs is not custodia samsung j5 (6) an affordable flagship smartphone there also plenty of competition at this price point, and none is more obvious than the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Despite being last year flagship smartphone, the S7 edge Exynos 8890 processor is really on par if not equal to the Xperia custodia samsung j 3 2017 XZs Snapdragon 820 processor. On top of that, the S7 edge also has a more impressive 5.5 inch 1440p dual curved Super AMOLED display, a much bigger 3,600mAh battery, sleeker design, as well as superior camera performance.

But the Galaxy S7 edge most obvious advantage over the Xperia XZs comes down to price: the S7 edge can be easily found for less than RM2,500 now, which is much lower than the XZs RM2,899 price tag. For less money, it hard to choose the Xperia XZs over the S7 edge, although the 960fps video recording capability of the former is a key advantage here.

The Huawei P10is also another noteworthy competition. In comparison to the Xperia XZs, the P10has the upper hand when it comes tocamera performance; its design though very familiar and iterative isn as boring as the iphone se cover bumper XZs. Let not forget the fact that the P10 only costs RM2,499, which is RM400 less than the Xperia XZs.

But to the Xperia XZs credit, it a water resistant device, and itsbattery life isbetter thanthe P10. This is despite the fact that cover samsung a5 2017 azzurro the P10 has a slightly bigger 3,200mAh battery than the XZs 2,900mAh battery, which surprised me quite a bit. On top of that, there also the Xperia XZs 960fps video recording; a feature not offered by any other manufacturers yet.

The Sony Xperia XZs is a one trick pony. Aside from the impressive 960fps video recording, the XZs is basically a slightly refined Xperia XZ, which wasn exactly a great smartphone to begin with.

Thatis not custodia alluminio samsung galaxy ace 4 to say the Xperia XZs has no redeeming qualities. It has a dated design, yes, but it a comfortable device to hold. Its software is also one of its strongest suits, and it has rather reasonable battery life too cover iphone 6 rosa trasparente (considering the fact that it only has a 2,900mAh battery).

But the Sony Xperia XZs has to compete with many formidable 2017 flagship smartphones, most of which are faster, sleeker, and more unique than it is. If Sony are to remain relevant in the smartphone market this year, it has to do better than the Xperia XZs…

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