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Apple Loathes Intellectual Property

Apple’s patents grant coque iphone 6 faith Apple for a finite period of time exclusive use and implementation of their ideas. Only they can sell stuff with their patents.

Unless someone pays Apple a mutually agreeable amount and Apple grants them license to use Apple’s patented ideas.

All of which is only fair.

Research and Development (R D) is what begets us patentable ideas. And it is a VERY expensive, LONG coque iphone 7 pas cher term effort.

R D is nigh antithetical to Wall coque iphone 6s tissus Street’s quarter by quarter, month by month heck, day by day search for bigger profits and higher stock prices.

R D companies spend months, years and sometimes decades protection iphone 8 coque developing the ideas cum coque iphone 7 plus effet miroir products coque iphone 8 plus yeezy we rely on coque iphone 6 kevin durant and enjoy each and every day.

R D companies also spend months, years and sometime coque iphone 7 plus refermable decades developing ideas that never, ever become anything. In coque iphone 5s portefeuille transparente petroleum business parlance they drill a lot of dry holes.

Drilling dry holes ain’t, by the way, a failing on anyone’s part. coque iphone 7 skull That’s coque iphone 7 hippie the nature of the R D beast.

And Big Tech R D ain’t nickel ante poker. It ain’t penny slots.

Apple spends billions of dollars developing their patented ideas. And spends chiara ferragni coque iphone 8 plus billions and billions more working on ideas that never pan pretty little liars coque iphone 6s out.

All of which is why Intellectual Property (IP) protection is so important. In fact, it is so important the Founding Fathers ensconced it in the Constitution.

If Apple if any and coque iphone 5s citation francaise everyone can’t get a coque iphone 6 abeille return on all compatibilité coque iphone 7 et 8 of their coque iphone 8 massive investments of time and money they’ll stop making their coque iphone 5se étanche massive investments of time and money.

And then our entire economy comes to a screeching halt and collapses in a smoldering heap.

So when Apple gets any of its ideas stolen they get rightly, righteously indignant. And necessarily litigious.

Which brings us to coque huawei p9 our second humorous headline:

Apple Seeks to Shut Down coque huawei 1 Corellium’s ‘Perfect Replicas’ coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s of iOS

Apple thinks Corellium is stealing their operating system. Which cost Apple a ton of time and money to develop. So Apple is more than a little peeved. Understandably so…

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