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DigiTimes Claims 2020 iPhones Will Use Qualcomm X60 Modem

Thursday June 18, 2020 9:57 am PDT by Apple is widely expected to release its first 5G iPhones later this year, and multiple sources have indicated coque personnalisees iphone that these models will be equipped coque iphone 5s plume de paon with coque iphone 5c suicide squad Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem, including analyst Ming Chi Kuo and the Nikkei Asian Review.To the contrary, a paywalled snippet from DigiTimes today claims that Apple’s chipmaking partner TSMC will begin manufacturing A14 chips and Snapdragon X60 modems this month for use in upcoming iPhones slated for launch later in 2020. This is the first time that we have coque samsung s9 seen this possibility mentioned.TSMC to start chip production for next gen iPhones in JuneTSMC will start manufacturing Apple’s custom designed A14 SoCs and Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem chips, with both set to power the upcoming iPhones slated for launch later in 2020, using 5nm process technology in June, according to industry sources.Built on a 5nm process, the X60 packs higher power efficiency into a smaller footprint compared coque huawei mate to the X55. Smartphones equipped with the X60 will also be able to aggregate data from both mmWave and sub 6GHz bands coque autres huawei simultaneously to achieve an optimal combination of high speed and low latency network coverage.When the X60 was introduced in February, it seemed destined for 2021 iPhones rather than 2020 ones, as Apple needs adequate time for testing and production. Qualcomm itself said that 5G smartphones featuring the X60 are expected to begin launching in early 2021, so this rumor should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism for now.DigiTimes is a Taiwanese publication with sources within Apple’s supply chain. The website is often dismissed coque iphone 6s blanche neige as being wrong, but it shares correct information from time to time. In January, for example, it claimed that Apple planned to release a backlit keyboard with scissor switch keys for the iPad Pro. coque huawei nova Two months later, the Magic Keyboard launched.Apple typically announces coque iphone 6 pour sport new iPhones in September, but due to the global health crisis, there is a possibility of a slight delay to the launch plans.I skeptical of this rumor though. If Qualcomm was shipping them coque iphone 5s pas cher ebay for a phone this fall, they wouldn tell people that they are arriving in coque iphone 5s brice de nice 2021 as a previous poster said.Apple not just a regular company jolie coque iphone 6 though. I can see Qualcomm having a special coque iphone 6 avec dessin secret arrangement with Apple for exclusive access to the first initial batches lanhiem coque iphone 6s in the fall making them unavailable for anyone else until early 2021.Score: 3 Votes (LikeDisagree)Is the X60 coque iphone 6 pablo available to Apple Qualcomm says the X60 won’t be coming to smartphones until sometime next year.Qualcomm the chip in February of this year and that samples would be available in Q1 2020 so that means they were making the chips, at least in low volumes. coque iphone 6 renforce Qualcomm noted that most of it features would be introduced in various countries throughout 2020 and into 2021 which might be why they said smartphones featuring Snapdragon X60 are expected to launch in early 2021 because they assumed the first wave of 5G phones would use the X50 and X55 already in production.As such, I don see anything that explicitly prevents Apple from getting X60 chips this year in time to use in the iPhone 12 family, especially if they have a deal with TSMC to secure the first production batches for their phones. If supplies of the X60 are constrained, it coque iphone 5s emoji singe might be a case where the 12 Pro and coque iphone 6 plus transparente fine 12 Pro Max get the X60 and the two coque iphone 5se licorne models get the X55.TSMC signs contracts to allocate their 5nm capacity. It isn like a food truck selling hot dogs. AMD, NVIDIA, Broadcom, MediaTek, etc. all have 5nm products in the pipeline with agreed upon delivery time frames.True, but who is to say Apple didn pay coque iphone 6 canich to get the first batches that TSMC makes for Qualcomm.We would also have to ignore the fact it takes 12 18 months to test a new baseband. Otherwise, iPhone 11 would already be using X55.Considering Apple does not add features just to meet spec sheets, that they chose not to add 5G into a phone (iPhone 11 family) just because they could is not a surprise. After all, Apple did not incorporate 3G or 4G/LTE into phones that could have had it at launch (iPhone / iPhone 4), but waited till the c discount coque iphone 5s next model series (iPhone 3G / iPhone 5)..

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